I have over 15 years experience creating scientific diagrams, illustrations and models which have been published in numerous scientific journals and magazines.
I have also produced information leaflets and posters for clubs, societies and events.

I can:

  • Create individual bespoke illustrations based on your instructions or sketches, in either hard copy or in the digital file format of your choice
  • Digitise pre-existing material, e.g. logos for high resolution printing
  • Design advertisements and leaflets
  • Design posters at any size for display in offices, at conferences or shows
  • Change file formats - e.g. do you have a PDF file but need a JPEG?

Contact me via the Enquiries form for pricing or to discuss your project requirements.

Portfolio (click images to enlarge)


Map of the Isle of Arran and surrounding geology, from Meade et al.  J. Petrology (2009) 50 (12): 2345-2374.
Map of the Slieve Gullion igneous centre, from Emeleus et al. J. of the Geological Society (2012) 169 (2) 157-171
Annotated base maps from Moossen et al. Quaternary Science Reviews (2015) 129: 111-127.


Cartoon diagram showing the interaction being a magma chamber and the surrounding rocks
Schematic showing the hydrothermal processes underneath a subduction zone volcano


 Initial sketch of diagram, as envisaged by a colleague.
See image, right, for final version.

 Final version of the image (left), digitised and colour added. From Emeleus et al. Journal of the Geological Society of London (2012) 169: 157-171.


Scientific poster, American Geophysical Union, Fall meeting 2011