I have 14 years experience teaching on geological field trips and planning excursions. I can organise bespoke trips for schools, universities and learned societies. My particular speciality is trips to Ireland and Scotland focussing on the British and Irish Palaeogene Igneous Province. The BPIP is part of the North Atlantic Igneous Province and is the home of igneous geology, studied by such "rock stars" as J.E. Richey, G.P.L. Walker and L.R. Wager. Beautifully wild landscapes combine with the perfect erosion level allow us to tour through the magma chambers of some of the best studied volcanoes on the planet.

Trips can be tailored to your needs, and some of the key regions that can be visited are listed below. Excursions are typically guided visits to exposures. However, educational exercises can be arranged if you require (e.g. mapping, logging), as well as local cultural experiences (archaeology, local cuisine, distillery visits, music and crafts).

Ireland: Giant's Causeway, Causeway Coast, Mourne Mountains, Slieve Gullion Ring Complex, Carlingford Igneous Complex

Scotland: The volcanic centres of Rum, Mull, Skye, Arran and Ardnamurchan.


Trips can also be arranged to the Canary Islands, focusing on more recent volcanology. Key topics of interest include caldera collapse, ignimbrite deposits, giant landslides, lava flows and cinder cones.


Recent trips I have organised include:

Geological Tour of the Antrim Coast and Glens (September 2017, Geological Society of Glasgow)

Exploring the Palaeogene Volcanoes of NE Ireland (September 2016, Geological Society of Glasgow)

The Life Cycle of an Ocean Island Volcano: Geological Study Tour to Gran Canaria (April/May 2016, University of Glasgow, Centre for Open Studies)

The Geology of the Isle of Arran (April 2011, Geological Society of Glasgow)

Plumbing the depths: An exploration of NE Ireland's Palaeogene Volcanoes (October 2009, Irish Geological Association).

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