Media Coverage

My career story has been profiled by Vitae
I have been profiled as part of Vitae's What do research staff do next project, investigating the careers of research staff who moved from research posts to other occupations and employment sectors.

These stories were collected to better understand how academics transition to careers outside universities, what careers they have now and their reflections on the transition process and current career paths.

01/10/2015: Discover Magazine
03/02/2015: Yahoo News
02/02/2015: Live Science
30/01/2015: The Science Squad
22/01/2015: Science Daily

Coverage of "Carlingford" Nature Communications paper:

18/06/2014: Irish Research Council (no longer available).
23/06/2014: The Science Squad
23/06/2014: Uppsala University (in Swedish)
24/06/2014: Swedish National Research Portal (in Swedish)
03/09/2014: Science Spin