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Geological Research

My last research project used experimental petrology to generate partial melts of crustal lithologies to simulate crustal anatexis in a magmatic environment. I used state-of-the-art in-situ microanalyses (Pb and Sr isotopes, major and trace elements) to characterise these melts, with the aim of quantifying magma-crust interaction. This project was funded by the Faroese Petrolem Directorate, SINDRI, in collaboration with the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

 Experimentally melted gneiss, showing mixing textures.
EDS scan of melted gneiss, showing chemical variation in the melt.

Other recent research projects have focussed on magmatic processes, including magma-crust interaction and magma mixing phenomena - employing whole-rock and micro-scale (crystal-zone) radiogenic isotope techniques and major and trace element data to trace petrologic processes.