Proofreading, Fact-Checking & Writing

I am a talented writer, with over a decade of experience writing academic essays, papers and texts.

I have proofread written material for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as professional academics. I have reviewed academic papers for several international scientific journals.

I am a native English speaker, with an A1 (equivalent to 90-100%) grade in Irish Leaving Cert Higher level English (literature and creative writing).

I can proofread any text for style, spelling and grammar, e.g. reports, news copy, job applications, cover letters etc.

I can also write text as required, once you provide me with all the details.

Content can be fact-checked for an extra fee.

However, ethically, I will not write material or correct facts in texts to be submitted for examination or grading (i.e. school or university assignments, dissertations and theses).