I have 14 years experience (post-degree) in academic research, focusing on regional geological studies in the North Atlantic area - including collecting and interpreting raw data from lab analyses and fieldwork, as well as collecting secondary data using databases, scientific journals and government publications. I have excellent research, time-management, organisational and teamwork skills and a proven record in data interpretation, report writing, presentations and team management.

I am available for both academic and commercial projects, particularly using large geochemical datasets to trace geological processes. 

I have access to the world class micro-analytical facilities of the CEMPEG group at Uppsala University, including a state of the art electron probe microanalyzer (EMP) for in-situ analyses of mineral compositions.


Core Skills

Interpretation of geochemical datasets: Including major/trace elements and Sr/Nd/Pb/O isotope data on both outcrop and core samples. These skills are particularly transferable to provenance and chemostratigraphy studies.

Deep geological knowledge of the North Atlantic Region and the British Isles: Developed through extensive research projects covering the regional geology of Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. I have worked on projects integrating geochemical data into published wide-angle seismic sections, to determine the composition of the deep crust e.g. Faroe Islands, Isle of Arran.

Petrology: Detailed petrologic and petrographic analysis, sedimentology and sedimentary logging. I have experience working with industry and BGS core samples and have analysed these samples for regional geochemical studies. I have taught mineralogy, petrology, petrography, logging and sedimentology at university level.

Geological mapping and structural geology: Collection of field data; 4D interpretation and deduction of geological histories; compilation of digital maps. I have taught geological mapping (practical and lab-based) and structural geology to undergraduate students.

Presentation skills: Posters, oral presentations, papers, reports and video presentations to a variety of audiences (students, experts, general public). I have co-authored 7 papers in scientific journals. I received 3rd prize in the University of Glasgow knowledge transfer video competition 2012, and my YouTube channel has >323,000 views. I have taught over 600 hours of lectures and classes and have given 25 presentations at international scientific conferences. 

Funding and budgeting: I have generated >£220,000 of research funding with my mentor Prof. Valentin Troll. I have extensive experience writing and implementing budget plans and managing research funding.